Matt Damon exclaimed, that hypnosis was “the greatest decision I ever made in my life” and pronounced to host Jay Leno on the Tonight Show that he had used it to quit smoking. Ever since that night, people have asked me if other famous people have used hypnosis to live a better life.  The answer is, many other stars have used hypnosis to quit smoking and for other reasons. Many famous people who have used hypnosis found it to be really helpful!

The list of celebrities who have used hypnosis is quite long, including claims Albert Einstein used hypnosis and trance to focus his thoughts, and even developed the theory of relativity while using hypnosis. We know that hypnosis is a great tool for enhancing academic success, allowing us to recall information, focus ideas, and decrease stress related to school, test taking or other academic stressors.

Tiger Woods has used hypnosis throughout his gold career to help him achieve peak performance. There have been at least for intentional major shifts in the way Tiger Woods has swung the club. Each time, hypnotic pacing and practice has allowed him to bring these changes to an automatic process by embedding the new swing into his subconscious mind. Each time, the result was improved performance and better results on the golf course.

When Kevin Costner was filming his epic film “Water World” he was plagued with sea sickness. He flew his hypnotist form California out to Hawaii to work with him. In addition to making millions for the movie, Costner went on to invest in technology to separate oil from water (inspired by the film). In a state of hypnosis, we often spur more than the immediate creative mind and build on our successes.

Ellen DeGeneres was hypnotized on her show, and like Matt Damon, used hypnosis to quit smoking.

And even royalty uses hypnosis! Sarah Ferguson (Fergie) Dutchess of York, stopped biting her fingernails through hypnosis. It has been claimed Princess Diana used hypnosis to help her with confidence and public speaking.

Fear of flying can paralyze professional success. Morning talk show host Kelley Rippa overcame her fear of flying using hypnosis and now travels freely for both personal and business reasons. And Tony Curtis used hypnosis for the same reasons.

The good news here is that everyone, famous or not, can benefit from hypnosis. This is just a short list, and just for smoking cessation, the list includes Brittany Spears, Billy Joel, Katy Perry, and Ashton Kutcher. You can add your name to the list, and get hypnotized by Mariana Matthews, That Lady Hypnotist .(425)248-7676.