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Who is “The Wedding Whisperer?”

Mariana Matthews is, “The Wedding Whisperer” who is able to calm nervous guests and brides, and help by providing entertainment to pre-wedding parties and gatherings, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties! In a recent New Day interview on KING-TV in Seattle, Mariana talked about her services to the TV audience. She stated, “It feels wonderful to [...]

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Mariana Matthews Hypnosis on KING-TV New Day

Mariana Matthews Hypnosis on KING-TV New Day I had a chance to do a great demonstration on live TV in Seattle. The great thing about doing a performance like this, is that is impossible to ‘set-up”. By using the staff of the New Day show, I was able to demonstrate the creative mind, and [...]

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Funniest moments in Comedy Stage Hypnosis

What makes a comedy stage hypnosis fun is the unpredictable nature of subconscious response. You see, even though I am a funny person with a few good quips, the participants are the stars of the show, and the real fun comes when the creative imagination of the show stars collides with unpredictable responses! I [...]

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Fairs and Festivals: The Perfect Venue for Comedy Stage Hypnosis

Fairs and Festivals: The Perfect Venue for Comedy Stage Hypnosis When I attended the AIFE (International Association of Fairs and Expositions) convention in Las Vegas last year, it was amazing to see so many comedy stage hypnotists with booths and meeting with festival organizers to book comedy stage hypnosis shows at events throughout the [...]

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Healing Hypnosis – Even on Stage

Healing Hypnosis – Even on Stage People know about hypnosis from the TV talk shows, usually shows like Oprah or Dr. Oz, extolling the virtues of medical applications of hypnosis. At one point hypnosis was considered a complimentary  and alternative therapy, but now with over 12,000 peer reviewed journals examining the efficacy of hypnosis [...]

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How does a comedy stage hypnosis show work?

How does a comedy stage hypnosis show work? A lot of people ask, how does a comedy stage hypnosis show works, and the first thing is to begin with the guests and audience. People come to a show hoping to have fun and to set aside stress from the busy world at school or work [...]

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Seattle Corporate Party Entertainment

Seattle Corporate Party Entertainment In Seattle, corporate party entertainment runs the gamut from cover bands to Avant Garde shows that are of questionable taste. And although there are many options, if you are booking a Seattle corporate party, you need something that is unique and attention getting to set you apart from the others, [...]

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What Does Hypnosis Feel Like at a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show?

I often get asked, “What does hypnosis feel like?” and, “If people are asleep, how can a comedy stage hypnosis show be any fun watching people sleep?” Although sleep as a word may be used by a stage hypnotist, nobody is actually asleep during a show. In fact, quite the opposite is true. During an [...]

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