Everywhere Hypnosis….

Have you ever watched a TV show or a movie, and felt such a closeness to the characters, that you either cried with them, or were angry with them, felt like you were having a good time with them? I remember when I went to see the movie “Marley and Me” with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. At the end of the movie when Marley passed away, there was not a dry eye in the house. Everyone in the movie theater was in tears. We not only felt sadness at the passing of the dog, but we felt really bad for Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson. And this is of course, a perfect example of the hypnotic power of a movie, and a good creative story. It draws us in, and allows our subconscious mind to experience the emotions of the movie. But the conscious mind of course, knows they didn’t really kill a dog to make a movie, and that Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are not really married in real life, and have never actually owned a dog “together”. In fact, the conscious mind knows that since the story started in puppyhood and ended with an elderly dog, there were actually multiple Marly’s throughout the movie. The logical mind knows this, yet when presented with a story line, real emotions were really experienced by just about everyone in the theater.

This is a perfect example of hypnosis everywhere.

Have you ever gotten in your car after work, and driven all the way home. But when you got home, you had to think, “Did I stop at that stop sign” and “did I remember to go to the store on the way home?”  This is called highway hypnosis. You see, we do not drive a car with our conscious mind, we drive with the subconscious mind. If fact, you must drive in trance in order to be a safe driver, letting the subconscious mind take automatic actions. If you had to remember and think about how to brake, or how many degrees to turn the wheel or actually monitor your speed while also trying to listen to the radio, talk to a friend and eat an after work snack in the car, you would have mental overload.  But the subconscious mind knows how to do all of these things, and so you get in the car and enter the “driving trance” which is just another hypnotic state.

Trance is a natural state of mind.

We go in and out of “trances” all day long. Some are creative trances, others are focused or learning trances, so are emotion centered. A comedy stage hypnotist is using our natural ability to create trance and demonstrating the amazing power of the mind through suggestion and skits throughout the show. The outcome is always hilarious and unexpected, but the people who watch or participate on stage, get to have the time of their lives while learning about the power of the mind and our unique ability to use trance states (hypnosis) both on and off stage.