What makes a comedy stage hypnosis fun is the unpredictable nature of subconscious response. You see, even though I am a funny person with a few good quips, the participants are the stars of the show, and the real fun comes when the creative imagination of the show stars collides with unpredictable responses!

I was doing a comedy hypnosis show in the Tacoma area, where everyone imagines their shoes were the cutest puppies they had ever seen. As the participants on stage took off their shoes, to hold their “puppies” I asked each participant what kind of puppy they had. All of the men seemed to hold masculine dogs, boxers and labs, but the last man I asked said he didn’t have a puppy. I asked him what he was petting then, and he said with a perfectly straight face, “A baby giraffe!” And sure enough, as he held up his shoe it was a high-top basketball shoe, that looked a lot like a giraffe!

It is unpredictable situations like this that make for the funniest moments in comedy stage hypnosis. In another show, in a downtown Seattle venue, everyone was imagining they were watching the funniest movie they had ever seen and laughing and enjoying the imaginary show.

When I asked one participant what he was seeing he replied, the scene where Meg Ryan could only say hello in Sleepless in Seattle!

Of course, many other zany events happen in shows, too many to count. In professional comedy, they say there should be a laugh every 16 seconds, and in a comedy stage hypnosis show the laughs keep coming. The best part? No one is ever humiliated or embarrassed at a comedy stage hypnosis show. The fun comes because of creativity and the desire to perform. Combining respect with safety, results in real moments of comedic laughter from star to finish in a comedy stage hypnosis show.

Being able to see your parents imagine they were children, or being able to see your uptight boss let go and have fun, or watching your neighbors and other friends imagine they are a famous singer and actually knowing the words to an absurd pop song, are all part of the fun.

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