Mariana Matthews is, “The Wedding Whisperer” who is able to calm nervous guests and brides, and help by providing entertainment to pre-wedding parties, wedding receptions, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties! In a recent New Day interview on KING-TV in Seattle, Mariana talked about her services to the TV audience. She stated, “It feels wonderful to be in trance!” It is this resources state, that makes a hypnotist the perfect entertainment for wedding and family events. It is positive, educational, empowering and can bring calm among chaos.

The Wedding WhispererAs both comedy stage hypnotist, and a clinical hypnotherapist, Mariana knows how to bring levity and humor to pre-wedding festivities, and at the same time, empower friends and brides, to handle the big day with calm and confidence.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that by bringing Mariana on board, your parties will be a smash hit, but the gift that is always left by “the Wedding Whisperer” is one that can actually last a lifetime. Mariana ends every show with what she calls a “mind gift”. She said, “This is something that participants can do to make their life better.” Getting married is a big step, lots of changes are in store. And in the excitement of a new future, and the planning for the big day, it is also natural for some anxiety of the unknown to exist. Hypnosis is a powerful way to enter into resources trances to control anxiety and step into a new chapter of life with real empowerment.

Sometime people have big bachelorette parties, with lots of guests. Mariana can perform her full comedy stage hypnosis show at events like this, and she can bring to your event, the same show she has brought to the Las Vegas casino stage, and large corporate events throughout the USA. Wouldn’t it be nice to provide this caliber of entertainment to your event?

On the other hand, some bachelorette events are very small in number, despite being big in spirit. Even if your group is only 5-10 people, Mariana can entertain with the power of hypnosis and bring out the fun on this special occasion.

No matter what size event, Mariana will meet with the bride, and leave a hypnotic mind-gift that will transform the future in nothing but positive ways.

Contact me at Mariana Matthews, That Lady Hypnotist at (425) 248-7676 or email using the form below and discover how you can bring “The Wedding Whisperer” to your event!