Mariana Matthews Hypnosis on KING-TV New Day

I had a chance to do a great demonstration on live TV in Seattle. The great thing about doing a performance like this, is that is impossible to ‘set-up”. By using the staff of the New Day show, I was able to demonstrate the creative mind, and using instant induction and guide the staff into some creative demonstrations.

I was asked to define hypnosis, and I explained that all of us go into “hypnosis” every day, and that we can stop the chatter of the mind and just let creativity take over.

The results in this show were a lot of fun. And although this show was in anticipation of Northwest Women’s Show, I have done many events since this broadcast for audiences with men, women, children and at corporate events, college parties, and other venues in the Seattle area.

I also got a chance to explain that while comedy stage hypnosis is a lot of fun, it is a way of exposing the public to the real potential of the mind in healing hypnosis.

I love sharing with the public both my comedy stage hypnosis performances, and the real potential of hypnosis. Are you a media producer for a radio station, TV show or publication? I am available for professional interviews, both live and recorded, and I am happy to discuss and demonstrate hypnosis and how it works. There really is nothing else that fascinates listeners, viewers, and reader as much as hypnosis. Contact me, and lets fill the segment you need to complete, with something really fun and interesting!

Contact me at Mariana Matthews, That Lady Hypnotist at (425) 248-7676 or email using the form below and discover how you can create the funniest moments at your event!