I often get asked, “What does hypnosis feel like?” and, “If people are asleep, how can a comedy stage hypnosis show be any fun watching people sleep?” Although sleep as a word may be used by a stage hypnotist, nobody is actually asleep during a show. In fact, quite the opposite is true. During an exciting comedy stage hypnosis show, people are on stage eyes open, dancing, and having fun doing zany things! It really is quite the opposite of sleep.

Let me take both questions, and answer them one by one. First, “What does hypnosis feel like?” Hypnosis is about relaxing into a state of focus and concentration. Participants are never asleep, just deeply relaxed. People who are hypnotized are not unconscious, in fact, it is often a state of super awareness, where in the quiet of your own mind you can set aside the stress of yesterday or anticipation of tomorrow and just be relaxed and really enjoy the moment. People tell me, and in my own experiences as a subject on stage, it feels just like you are sitting in a chair without a care in the world and enjoying the moment.

But that is just the first five minutes of a comedy stage hypnosis show. Without a care in the world, participants on stage get the chance to enjoy the moment, and this is where the creativity and excitement come from. People come to a party or a show to have fun, and now with the mind relaxed and freed from the care of the day, it is time to ramp up the events!

As I give direct suggestions to create hypnotic experiences, people on stage laugh, sing, dance and respond to suggestions with their creative mind. This makes for a lot of fun. Some people might imagine they are in a singing competition – but it’s a competition to see who is the worst singer! Others might imagine that they are at a horse race and their horse is winning, and act with the enthusiasm of someone about to win a million-dollar prize!

In some ways, you can think of it as Karaoke night combined with “Simon Says”. People love to have a reason to set aside the stress of life, and let go and have fun, that is why people love to sing at Karaoke night, even if they know they are not a great singer And they especially love duets, even if both are lousy singers! People get on stage and do it, because it is fun. With the creative mind engaged, participants are never asleep, just deeply relaxed, and willing to let loose and have some fun. The results of course, are that audience members are entertained by their family and friends on stage, and everyone learns about hypnosis and the power it has to really unleash creativity on and off stage, in every area of life.

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    What Does Hypnosis Feel Like at a Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show?