Female Stage Hypnotist

Female Stage Hypnotist Pat Collins was the first hypnotist I knew about, and from the moment I first saw her, I was mesmerized by her ability to make people laugh, teach people about hypnosis, and entertain an audience with hypnotic phenomena. She was a fixture on Beverly Hills, where she owned a nightclub on the [...]

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Grad-Night and After-Prom Party Entertainment

Grad-Night and After-Prom Party Entertainment So many choices, How to choose? Year after year, the schools that hire me for Grad Night and After-Prom Party Entertainment do so for the same reasons: They want a reliable performer, who delivers an exciting show, and nobody ever has to explain what happened to parents or administrators [...]

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Native American Comedy Hypnosis Shows

Native American Comedy Hypnosis Shows Creativity. Storytelling. Centeredness. What do these traits have in common? All of course, are what may associate with the Native American populations of the Pacific Northwest. But guess what? They are all part of a comedy stage hypnosis show! I have had the chance to perform for many tribal functions [...]

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5 Steps to Successful Non-Profit Events

5 Steps to Successful Non-Profit Events What happens when a non-profit hosts an event or a fundraiser, or community night and it is a flop? It could mean you didn’t get the exposure you wanted or share your message with as many people as you hoped. In some cases, it can mean an annual [...]

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How to Host the Best Girl’s Night Out Party!

How to Host the Best Girls Night Out (GNO) Party A few months ago the Girls Night Out (GNO) party you went to was the best one you have ever attended. Now that you are hosting, the question is, “How do I top that party?” You still remember the laughter, the giggles, and [...]

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